Summer Language Camps for Kids 

Camp Lango is a terrific way for kids ages 4-11 (going into kindergarten - sixth grade) to learn Spanish while enjoying summertime fun. Lango campers spend each week immersed in an exciting part of the Latin American world. Lango's dynamic, experienced teachers serve as counselors, and are supported by a team of native-speaking and fluent assistant counselors. Campers spend each day moving from one activity to the next, including special "No English!" times, designed to provide an immersion experience while still allowing for a ton of fun. A week or more of Camp Lango is guaranteed to boost your child's new language ability!

Camp Lango dates and pricing vary by location. Find a camp in your area!


A Typical Day’s Schedule at Camp Lango

8:55 am Arrive at Camp Lango!
Your team leader bids you Bienvenidos and leads you into the Amazon jungle. Your mom, dad or caregiver checks you in with la profesora de Camp Lango.
9:15 am Cosmo Welcome
Lango's mascot el perro Cosmo welcomes you and all campers to Camp Lango!
9:30–10:15 am Silly Spanish Games
Animal Charades, Land Canoe Race, Spider Crawl Relay – a rainforest full of crazy activities!
10:15–11 am Group Craft Activity– Solamente Español!
Working with your team, you create the branches, leaves and flowers of a beautiful Amazon tree; not to mention the birds, bugs, snakes and monkeys. During this time, your team leader speaks with you only in Spanish!
11 am–12 pm Spanish Songs
In one huge group, you sing – and act out – some of Lango's favorite Spanish songs.
12–12:45 pm Lunch and Free Playtime
12:45–1:30 pm Spanish Storytime
With Cosmo as your storyteller and taking a turn reading yourself, you listen to stories in Spanish.
1:30–2:15 pm Rainforest Scavenger Hunt
Working with your team and armed with magnifying glasses, baskets and pictures of your objects, you search for rocks, bugs, leaves, flowers – and a few bonus prizes!
2:15–2:45 pm Solo Art Activity – Solamente Español!
After picking your favorite rainforest animal, you create your own mask and become that animal! Then you learn to describe where you live and what you eat in Spanish!
2:45–3:15 pm Outside Camp Games
All the favorites: egg toss, sponge & water race, three-legged race... and of course you learn to say "Hurray!" in Spanish.
3:15–3:30 pm Cool Down, Clean Up and Head Out
You sing Lango's farewell song, say adios to Cosmo and collect your things, and la profesora checks you out. Hasta mañana!