What is Lango?

Lango offers dynamic and engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and summer camps to kids across the U.S. Our classes teach children a new language in an immersion-based setting using songs, stories, games, dance -- even yoga to engage children in their new language.

At Lango your child will:

  • Learn a foreign language
  • Make developmental strides
  • Gain an appreciation for other cultures
  • Make new friends in the classroom

Does it work?

Definitely! In fact, studies have consistently shown that the best time to begin learning a second language is when a child is learning his first. During childhood a learning window opens, allowing children to learn a language naturally and easily. The younger the learner, the more likely they are to acquire the language with an authentic accent and retain vocabulary and grammatical patterns over time. Research has demonstrated that children who learn a language at an early age are more likely to:

  • Develop native pronunciation
  • Express themselves creatively in both their first and second language
  • Perform strongly in school and on standardized tests
  • Understand other cultures and abstract ways of thinking
  • Become bilingual or multilingual, offering global career opportunities down the line

How much will my child learn?

Of course, the speed with which a child learns a language depends on their amount of exposure to native speakers. With native speaking teachers leading Lango classes, your child will begin to understand words, then phrases, then sentences. Your child will also begin to answer simple questions, speak in short phrases and then engage in simple conversation - and be on her way to becoming multi-lingual. We recommend at least attending class twice weekly for optimal language retention.