Language Classes & Camps

At Lango, children ages 18 months to 11 years learn a new language in small-group immersion sessions. Our independently owned Lango operators deliver highly engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and language immersion summer camps to kids in a dynamic, engaging learning environment.

We believe that kids learn best when every sense is involved in learning a language – not just listening and speaking.That's why we've developed a unique curriculum to incorporate moving, singing, dancing, playacting, and creative problem solving to help kids absorb their new language in a completely natural way. Because our sessions are action-packed and full of variety, kids have a blast -- which helps them learn even more!

Lango-owned business operators provides

  • Toddler & parent, pre-school, and elementary language classes, as well as with summer immersion day camps
  • High quality instruction from dynamic, fluent teachers
  • A unique, comprehensive curriculum that appeals to all types of learning styles
  • Fun in-class activities themed around language learning
  • Feedback from teachers to parents
  • At-home reinforcement tools for parents to continue the language learning process

Find a Lango class in your area to start your child on the road to bilingualism!