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What's Happening In Spanish, French & Mandarin for Kids in Contra Costa Co?

INTERNATIONAL DAY Jan 14th (San Ramon Library)

Cosmo wanted to give a "bark"-out and let everyone know our 2nd annual International Day Event will be held Saturday Jan 14th at the San Ramon Public Library! This event was a great success last year and we'd like to share the fun with you again.  We'll have cultural storytime, mini-class sessions, art projects, facepainting provided by Kari's Magic Parties and even a visit from Cosmo Dog himself! Bring your camera! email us with questions or to RSVP.

EVENT SCHEDULE:• SPANISH mini-class (12-12:20) age 3-9y • MANDARIN mini-class (1-1:20) age 3-9y• FRENCH mini-class (2-2:20) age 3-9y• Storytime (11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30)• Crafts (All day)• Face Painting (All day)• Pictures with Cosmo Dog! (Bring Your Cameras!)EVENT LOCATION: San Ramon Library (100 Montgomery St, San Ramon, CA)





  • CNN: "Two Languages Make Your Brain Buff"
  • CBS NEWS: "Sasha Obama Speaks Mandarin with President Hu Jintao" (President of China)
  • STUDY: A joint Study conducted by Canadian Universities Concordia and York found that benefits of bilingualism emerge earlier than reported in previous research, stating that Toddlers who learn a second language from infancy have an edge over their unilingual peers. "Exposing toddlers to a second language early in their development provides a bilingual advantage that enhances attention control."
  • BABYCLASSROOM.COM is a good resource and has an article discussing babies learning a 2nd language
  • SCIENCE DAILY: This article details the connection between learning new vocabulary and visual stimulus
  • EDUCATION WEEK: A report on "No Child Left Behind" and single language abilities in children (article)
  • DIVINE CAROLINE (BLOG): "Mommy's Little Estudiante: Why Kids Should Be Bilingual" (article)
  • FOREIGN POLICY: 9 Reasons Foreign Language Study is Great - Side benefits of learning both a foreign language and a foreign culture 




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