Spanish, French and Mandarin Curriculum

Lango’s curriculum – 80 weekly Spanish, Mandarin and French lessons covering two years  – is a highly structured model, breaking the 45-minute lessons into components of five minutes or less. But this framework affords a great deal of flexibility, as teachers can select from a multitude of Adventure Learning™ Challenges and other activities to fit the needs of their students.

  • Three languages: French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
  • Eighty weeks of forty-five minute classes, including extension activities for student differentiation or additional weekly classes
  • Highly structured lesson plans
  • Lango Adventure Workbooks form the backdrop for every lesson and provide additional learning opportunities (at home or in class)
  • Cultural component every other weekly lesson

Meanwhile, added to every lesson are extension activities to provide reinforcement opportunities for students who attend more than once a week, or just more options for fast learners. Lango teachers are thus able to teach a variety of students within a class, and to adjust classes to fit the needs and administrative elements of various types of classes.