Foreign Language Learning Method

Adventure Learning™ is Lango’s unique, proprietary approach to teaching kids new languages. At the core of this approach are “challenges” that students complete in order to experience new vocabulary and grammar through movement, playacting, art and basic conversation. Initially, these challenges are quite simple, but as students are able to grasp more complex exercises, they begin to gain confidence and become proud of their growing knowledge.

Adventure Learning draws on three well-regarded methods and principles:

  1. Total Physical Response
  2. The Rassias Method
  3. The theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Employing Total Physical Response or TPR, we expose children to the target language and offer them a variety of ways to respond before actually speaking it. This mimics the way that children learn languages naturally.
  • The Rassias Method exposes learners to new languages through dramatic communication full of emotion and feeling - the surest way to ensure that students retain what they learn.
  • The Multiple Intelligences theory suggests that learners acquire new information in a variety of ways: musical, verbal, tactile, visual, and other means.