What We Offer

Lango offers solutions to staffing, teacher training, curriculum and learning materials to schools that value foreign language instruction in their course offerings.

We are happy to tailor packages, quantities and pricing to suit your institution's needs.


Lango will recruit and hire a team of highly qualified, fully fluent language instructors to meet your institution’s staffing needs – at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time teachers. Lango provides background checks for all new teachers, as well as fluency assessments, conducted by our team of native-speaking educators.

Teacher Training

Lango will provide an intensive two-day training workshop and follow-up support to teachers we recruit, or who are already employed by your institution. Lango prepares less experienced teachers to lead strong classes, and infuses experienced teachers with a new sense of motivation and energy.


Lango will provide your institution with full access to its proprietary curriculum, including 80 lessons in all three target languages, broken into four age groups (pre-K, K-1, 2-3 and 4-5), as well as our Lango Method Handbook instructional guide. Lango’s curriculum draws on proven language instruction methodologies to form our own proprietary approach, Adventure Learning™.

Instructional Materials

Supporting our curriculum are Lango’s highly esteemed instructional materials: Adventure Workbooks, With Cosmo 10-song CDs, accompanying flash/memory cards and LangoKid® character dolls and puppets. Lango instructional materials are available to order in class quantities for your students, or individually for teachers.