Welcome to Lango Foreign Languages for Kids! We provide language learning resources to teach kids Spanish, French and Mandarin.  

We offer a unique combination of in-person classes and interactive online reinforcement.

Parents can find language classes for their children; schools can purchase curriculum; and business owners can start a Lango business with our co-op membership business model.

Our company is a Cooperative made up of individual business owners across the country providing unique early learning language opportunities for kids.

Parents: Find a Lango class near you where your child will sing, dance, play games and have fun while learning a new language. Families enrolled in our classes then go online and listen to our Adventure flip-books, practice using e-flashcards and work through worksheets on our interactive site LangoKidsOnline. Parents can also buy print copies of the storybooks, flashcards and more inside our Lango Store.

Teachers and schools can subscribe to LangoKidsOnline .  There they can purchase curriculum and other learning materials such as teacher spirals, storybooks, music, flashcards and more.  We also sell blocks of student subscriptions for them to access at home reinforcement e-materials like audio flip books, e-flashcards, music, worksheets, and more.

Start a Lango Business
Business people, teachers or schools can start a business teaching language classes to kids using Lango Adventure Learning (TM) curriculum. When you Become a Lango Co-op Member you have full access to the Lango IP, use of the Lango brand name, low pricing on materials and much more!