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Lango Co-op FAQ:


Who starts a Lango Business?

Our members are generally business people who either want to start or already have a language business that focuses on children.  They are people who would like to build their business around a brand and be able to follow an established curriculum.

We have created nearly 4 years of curriculum around our Adventure Learning (TM) method.  We have a cast of Lango characters who go on adventures in everyday situations through our storybooks:  Depending on the book, they will go to a farm, visit a city, visit a garden, go to the beach and so on.  Each class revolves around what is happening in the story. Students sing, dance, play games, do simple art activities in each class. Our detailed lesson plans provide step by step instructions to teachers on what to do in class and offer many options (in each lesson) that the teacher can choose from based on age levels and what the teacher thinks would be the most effective for a given set of children. 

Our learning materials include storybooks, teacher spirals, flashcards and custom music in Spanish, French and Mandarin.  We also provide at home reinforcement through for students enrolled in local classes.  They can listen to the same storybook read in class - on their computer read by a native speaker.  They can also practice flashcards, download worksheets and listen to music.


What is a Lango Business?

A Lango business means running language classes for kids in your community using Lango learning materials and the Lango brand name. To do that you must become a Lango Co-op Member. Lango is not a franchise but a cooperative.


Who can become a Co-op Member?

Any person or business owner who is looking for a solid curriculum and learning materials to teach Spanish, French, English and/or Mandarin to children.


Can I run a Lango Business part-time?

It depends on your expectations and time frame you have for your return on investment. Running a language business can be time consuming if you want to have a large business quickly.  It is difficult for people who have another job to dedicate the effort necessary to launch a language business successfully. Specifically, the time needed to market to schools and day cares along with marketing to parents, plus training teachers requires a large time commitment - not to mention the fact that these are all activities that need to take place during regular business hours.  We want for anyone who decides to start a language business using our learning system and products to be successful, and knowing that running your own business is time consuming is crucial to your success.


Do you admit members outside the US?

Yes, we are now admitting international members and have begun producing materials in English in addition to Spanish, French and Mandarin.


What is the profile of a good Co-op Member candidate?

A self-starter who already knows how to teach and how to run a business.

This can be a teacher (fluent in Spanish, French, English or Mandarin) looking for a solid curriculum and brand name to run their business with. Or it can be a business person who will manage teachers and bring the program into schools, daycares, recreation programs, after-school programs and the like.


Is Lango a Franchise?

No, we are a cooperative corporation offering memberships across the country. We are incorporated in the state of Wisconsin.


What is a Co-op?

A cooperative corporation (or simply, a "cooperative") is a special form of corporation that places ownership and/or control of the corporation in the hands of the employees or patrons of the corporation. Read more here


Will I operate a specific territory?

No. Start your Lango Program and teach classes anywhere you like - except these zip codes. Note, this does not mean you can become a Co-op member and start a multi-level marketing business. You must be the registered agent and supply a certificate of insurance for any Lango business you run.


What are the benefits to becoming a Lango Co-op Member?

  • Usage of the Lango brand: Since 2006, hundreds of thousands of children have taken Lango classes across the US.  Lango Co-op Members share in the brand recognition and can name their business with the word "Lango" included - for instance - Lango Atlanta, Lango Asheville, etc.

  • Start-up Learning Materials:  Get your business off to a great start with Teacher spirals, flashcards, music CD's, Cosmo puppet, Lango Kids plush dolls and more  Click here for the list of materials. The value of these materials nearly $3,000. (Note: This is only for the first year.)

  • Monthly Professional Development:  Via GoToMeeting, members and their teachers participate in monthly professional development including Teacher Training, Marketing your Lango Business, Getting the most out of the Co-op and more.

  • Permission to use a Lango Branded Website: Co-op Members are able to use the custom Lango website templates to create their class registration pages through Mainstreet Sites

  • Unlimited Parent/Student Seats to Co-op Members can give an unlimited number of seats for access to the at-home reinforcement materials available to them from the Resource Center at for their enrolled parents. 

  • Revenue Opportunities: Co-op Members receive an affiliate code enabling them to sell subscriptions.

  • Access to all Lango Intellectual Property: Including all Adventure lesson plans, marketing materials, and training materials.

  • Lower materials prices: Lango Co-op Members purchase learning materials at a discount


What are the steps to start a Lango Business

  1. Completely fill out a Co-op Membership Application. You will find the link in your confirmation email

  2. You will receive a link to upload the required documents.

  3. Once you have been approved for membership, you will pay the $4,500 annual fee and supply your certificate of insurance.

  4. When your fee and insurance certificate have been received your journey will begin.

  5. You will receive your start up materials and receive an online Welcome Pack.

  6. You will receive a handbook called "Running your Lango Business" and a handbook for training teachers. Both handbooks are extremely thorough.

  7. Start making a difference in your student's lives through learning a new language!


Why do you require an FBI Federal Background Check for Membership?

Because Lango Co-op Members run businesses that involve working with children. The Board reserves the right to deny membership based on the FBI Federal Background Check.


What is the price of a Lango Co-op Membership?

First year fee of $4,500.  You will need to purchase business insurance (separately) to be a member as well.  Upon acceptance into the Co-op, you will receive start up materials valued at over $2,000. This is the first year only. You will purchase all other materials from the Co-op Member store thereafter. We are always adding new learning materials like Coloring Books, additional book titles, additional music and more.  You will have the opportunity to purchase those items at a discounted rate as a Co-op member.

Subsequent years annual fee = $2,000 when paid in lump sum (or $625 Quarterly)

As a business owner or experienced teacher, you are already aware of the additional costs of running a business, getting your business license, business liability insurance, purchasing learning props (like balls, hoops, parachute, bean bags) for each teacher, marketing your classes, and any other legal, tax, and accounting issues.  Our "Running your Lango Business Handbook" provides a lot of helpful information to get your business going. But as a general rule of thumb, our focus is on providing access to the learning materials - you provide the business expertise to run your company.


What about training? 

New members receive support including a Welcome pack with everything you need to start your business including a 128-page Operations Manual ("Running your Lango Business Handbook" ),  Lango Method Handbook, monthly online Professional Development sessions (and access to previously recorded ones), and ongoing support from the Operations Manager

Additionally, new members can purchase training (one-time cost):

  • Online 6 hour teacher training via GoToMeeting:  $1,250

  • Two-day training in Chicago:  $2,000 (training only -- new member pays for their own transportation and accommodations.)

  • Two-day training at Member site:  $2,500 (US training only.  International training on a case-by-case basis with additional cost possible)


Can I fax or mail my membership documents to the Co-op?

No. Due to the high volume of paperwork that needs to flow between the Co-op and the member, all required documents will be provided electronically and must be scanned and uploaded to the Google Docs Folder that will be supplied. This streamlined process lowers overhead and administrative costs which is one of the many ways that we maintain a financially stable business.


How do I get a Lango Branded Website?

All our Co-op members use Main Street Sites for their class registration system. Main Street Sites has created specific Lango templates that members can choose from. Members pay Main Street Sites directly for the website and registration capabilities, this is not handled by the Lango Co-op. The service runs less than $50 per month.

Here is an example of a Lango branded website powered by Main Street Sites.
Note: Main Street Sites will not provide you a Lango-branded template until the Lango Co-op has authorized your use of it.


What languages do you support?

We provide learning materials in Spanish, Mandarin and French including storybooks, teacher spirals, flashcards, worksheets, custom music and online materials.  We also provide all those materials - except music - in English.


What is my next step to learn more about becoming a Lango Co-op Member?


Fill out a membership Application

Read more about Lango:  Running Your Lango Business FAQ

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