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Language Offerings


"Knowledge of languages

is the doorway to wisdom."
Roger Bacon

Teachers, schools and Lango businesses offer classes in Spanish, French and Mandarin to kids ages 18 months - 11 years of age. Using Lango's unique curriculum and teaching methods your children will not only learn the target language, but thoroughly enjoy engaging in our classes and camps.

Class and camp offerings vary by Lango location.


Spanish has been our most requested language since the day we started offering classes.

Parents in every Lango community tell us that they feel that Spanish offers practical and

cultural relevance for their children. Lango offers Spanish classes in every area we serve.



While not as popular among earlier generations, French remains a favorite among Lango families. Lango teaches French, another romance language, using a very similar teaching approach to our Spanish classes, focusing heavily on accent for its stickier pronunciation elements. Lango offers French in select communities around the country.



The popularity of Mandarin is growing as China's influence grows in the U.S. and throughout the world. More and more families tell us that they are willing to take on the rigors of learning a language that is wholly unlike English in order to gain the advantage of being able to speak the "language of the future." Lango has partnered with long-time Mandarin educators and curriculum developers to develop a curriculum that maintains our dynamic, playful approach while respecting the particular challenges of learning this language.


Spanish, French and Mandarin Music

We've developed our own unique music that is aligned closely with our language lessons. Your kids will love listening, singing and dancing along to our music, and not just in the classroom but at home as well! Listen to some of our Spanish, French and Mandarin songs, we trust you'll love it as much as our students do!

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