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Meet the Lango Kids

The Lango Adventures take kids on awesome journeys while learning a new language.  The star of the adventures is Cosmo along with his friends - Lucia, Luc, Wen and Mrs. L - together they find mischief and learn important lessons along the way!


Cosmo is a kind and sensitive puppy who loves to play with the Lango Kids.  He loves to go exploring, but sometimes he gets lost! His favorite things to do are chasing balls and sleeping.  He also loves bones.  Cosmo's birthday is February 21.  That happens to also be International Mother Language Day!


Wen (age 5) was born in China.  He speaks Mandarin Chinese and English.  He likes to play around and have fun.  Wen is a very good tennis player and he loves to cook.  He is is always exploring and is great at solving problems.  Wen loves to go to the circus --  and he is ALWAYS hungry!


Luc (age 6) was born in France.  He speaks French and English.  He is the class clown and is always making jokes.  Luc loves riding bikes and is an amazing artist. Luc also loves animals and says knows everything about every different kind of animal.  He loves to play at the park with his best friend, Cosmo.


Lucia (age 7) was born in Argentina. She speaks Spanish and English. She helps the smaller kids to learn how to do things.  Lucia loves to read and sing and play soccer.  She spends a lot of time looking for the things she wants.  Lucia is a very good swimmer and at archery.  She loves going to the beach and making sand castles.  Lucia's favorite animals are sloths.

Mrs. L

Mrs. L is the teacher at the international school and lives there with Cosmo.  She speaks Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and English.  She has been all over the world and has stories, instruments, songs, maps, clothes, and recipes from everywhere.  She is very patient and teaches through stories and letting the kids explore.  Mrs. L loves to garden, sing and dance.

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