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Start a Lango Business


Are you a business person, teacher or school looking to run a business teaching languages to kids? Please read on how you can use the Lango brand name and innovative teaching products to support your business.

What is a Lango Business

A Lango business means running language classes for kids in your community using Lango learning materials and the Lango brand name. To do that you must become a Lango Co-op Member. Lango is not a franchise but a cooperative.

What is the Lango Language Cooperative
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The Lango Language Cooperative is a cooperative corporation based in Wisconsin. It is not a franchise. Our Co-op is made up of member owners across the United States who are independently owned companies running language classes for kids, using the Lango Adventure Learning (TM) Method, Lango learning materials and Lango brand name. Our learning materials include custom music, teacher spirals, lesson binders, storybooks, flashcards, worksheets, coloring books and online e-materials.

Co-op Membership Benefits

• Naming Rights: Co-op Members can name their business with the word "Lango" included .

• Start-up Learning Materials Provided: New Members receive one language set of Lango Adventure Learning(TM) materials (choose Spanish, French or Mandarin).

• Permission to use a Lango Branded Website: Co-op Members are able to use the custom Lango website templates to create their class registration pages through Mainstreet Sites .

• Unlimited Parent/Student Seats to Co-op Members can give an unlimited number of seats to parents without paying in blocks .

• Revenue Opportunities: Co-op Members receive an affiliate code enabling them to sell subscriptions .

• Access to all Lango Intellectual Property: Including all Adventure lesson plans, marketing materials, and training materials.

• Lower materials prices: Lango Co-op Members purchase learning materials at a discount .

Read More:   Co-op Membership FAQ
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